Memoir Gold Plated Ruby Red CZ Studded Black Single wati Mangalsutra for Women


  • Gold plated single Wati, with black onyx cylinderical bars on both sides of Wati. Ruby Red transparent CZ studded on top of Wati
  • Filigree work, and elegant black materials and components are beleived to keep evil spirits and forces away.
  • Long 24 Inch Black double strand Mangalsutra Bead Mala, representing Shiva and Shakti
  • A well researched meaningful Jewellery piece, pls see the Product descriptions
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A very researched and in-house developed design, by well acclaimed designer, Anna Singh. The Wati represents the married woman, commonly and fondly called “Laxmi” of the house. It also represent the bowls of prosperity. The black cylindrical bars, are supposed as a symbol to ward off any evil effects. The two black bead strings, represent, the Shiva and Shakti, the saviours and strength providers to the Laxmi of the family. Wear this meaningful, which is not any other fashion mangalsutra. Flaunt and proudly show your knowledge and reason to wear this piece of Jewellery. A must have for all occasions, self wear and makes a meaningful, well wishing gift option as well.


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