Wolf-Garten Multi Star Push-Pull Weeder Without Handle RF-M


  • Multi star push-pull weeder without handle rf-m recommended for soft and medium soil
  • Good for use in home garden, small farms, removing weeds around the crops
  • Push-pull weeder blade size 15 cm/6 inches perfect for weeding between plants or vegetables dual edge wavy blade cuts through weeds on the pull and push stroke


Product description

Wolf Garten Multi Star Push-Pull Weeder Without Handle Rf-M Recommended For Soft & Medium Soil. Good For Use In Home Garden, Small Farms, Removing Weeds Around The Crops Etc. Quality Push-Pull Weeder Blade Size 15 Cm/6 Inches Perfect For Weeding Between Plants Or Vegetables Dual Edge Wavy Blade Cuts Through Weeds On The Pull And Push Stroke Made From Quality Steel, Coated With Long-Lasting Anti-Rust Chrome Part Of The Multi-Change Click System-Any Handle Fits 50 Tool Heads All Multi-Star Handles Are Compatiable & Can Be Bought Saperatly Of Your Choice. The Zm 150 Ash Handle Is Ideally Suited To Multi-Star Push-Pull Weeder & Not Included In The Pack. In Future If You Need Any Wolf Garten’S Soil Care & Tree Care Products, You Have To Just Buy An Multi-Star Compatiable Tools Only & No Need To Buy Handles Again. The Same Handle Can Be Used For Other Wolf Garten’S Soil Care Products, Such As Manual Weeder, Digging Fork, Rake, Ridger & Many More.


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