Aarogyam Energy Jewellery Black Pendant for Men and Women (Pack of 2)


  • Recommended : Prevention is better than cure. Suitable for everyone. Recommended for every health conscious man/women/child. It has 4000+ negative ions cc power
  • Healthy fashion : Combine style with your health fitness, this aarogyam energy pendant is introduced for your health wellness in today’s hazardous living style of every common men, for all age groups. It will work as a shield for your health in a natural way in best possible manner that a pendant could do
  • Skin friendly : No corrosive metal used / wear this pendant 24 x 7 / no need to remove while bath
  • Adjustable : Length of chain/thread can easily be adjusted as per requirement


Aarogyam Energy Jewellery Black Pendant for Men and Women (Pack of 2)

Product description

Aarogyam Energy Jewellery Black Pendant for Men and Women (Pack of 2) Mineral based high-tech formulated energy pendant, made from volcanic lava, using Japanese technology.

Capable of emitting scalar energy instantly transforming bio-energy into our body to motivate molecular activities of water molecules in body organs.

Aarogyam scalar energy quantum pendant radiates scalar energy which is a natural energy created by our very earth which can strengthen the human body through re-connecting our energy to the earth energy source which most of us are disconnected to, due to living in cities where our direct exposure to nature and the earth itself is minimal at best.

Health benefits of aarogyam quantum science pendants might help to maintain energy balance or repair our body that has been weakened by daily exposure to negative energy such as radiation from cell phone, television, computer, x-ray, microwave and electrical appliances.

This aarogyam quantum scalar energy pendant is durable, easy to wear or carry and can even energize your drinking water.

(•) the scalar energy in the aarogyam quantum scalar energy pendant does not diminish. In fact it provides you consistent energy for a lifetime.

(•) aarogyam pendant comes with brand hologram with unique serial # registered on buyers name and address.

(•) available in many more designs.

*// this is not a medicine or medicinal device. Do not stop any existing medication.//*


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