Magnum Elite Indoor Series Mag-Bnc-1 24 Ir Night Vision 600 Tvl Analog Dome Camera DVR with Memory Card Slot Recording (Black)

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  • 24 IR Night Vision Dome Camera with Memory Card recording slot
  • No Memory Card supplied with this CCTV Camera
  • Recording Media: Micro SD CARD. CCTV Camera with Inbuilt DVR for Circular Recording on Memory Card
  • Installation: Very easy to install. But CCTV Camera should be install by skilled technician. Warranty is void if Damage is caused to Camera due to installation done by Non-skilled technical person


Product description

This CCTV Dome camera (BNC) has inbuilt DVR along with Memory Card Slot for Recording & a perfect Substitute of DVR(Digital Video Recorder) system solution. You dont need to spend heavy on separate DVR, HARD DISK, POWER SUPPLY & other Installation Accessories for this Camera. *Circular Video Recording on Micro SD-Card. When Storage (Micro SD-card) is full, Video file will replace the First one, Second, third and so on. Never worry about running out of Storage *12v power adapter is supplied with Camera. Insert Memory Card in CCTV Camera (Supports up to 32 GB Memory Card). plug in 12v. Power Adapter & recording starts. *24 IR LEDs, that helps record in Dark Environment or at night time. *To watch recording there are two options: (1) Remove the Memory Card, Insert memory card to Memory Card Reader, Connect to Computer/Laptop. View recording in your Computer (Sound will also be played in computer). (2) Connect the BNC of camera with RCA input of TV / LED / LCD & You can Monitor Live Recording on your TV. For this purpose you need Supported Camera Accessories (complementary supplied with CCTV Camera Pack).

6 reviews for Magnum Elite Indoor Series Mag-Bnc-1 24 Ir Night Vision 600 Tvl Analog Dome Camera DVR with Memory Card Slot Recording (Black)

  1. Faruk Khan

    The flashing red light on this dummy camera makes it an effective deterrent against potential criminals.

  2. Eshita mishra

    It’s an affordable way to improve the security of your property without breaking the bank.

  3. Anaisha

    good product

  4. Ratan sagar

    The design of this dummy camera is incredibly realistic, making it difficult to distinguish from a real security camera.

  5. Bala murugan

    It’s battery-operated, which means it can be installed in any location without the need for a power source.

  6. deepak

    The cost-effectiveness of this dummy camera makes it a great option for those on a budget who still want to improve their home security.

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