Msrs sales Spy Keychain Hidden Camera with Audio Video Recording & SD Card Support


  • Rechargeable batteries fully charged lithium-polymer batteries allow you to record up to 90 continuous minutes of footage. Expanded memory the keyvu supports up to 16gb sd cards – enough for hours of footage or hundreds of photos. plug and play simply connect the keyvu to your mac or pc using the supplied data cable or use the sd card in a card reader. All video is recorded in. avi format pictures are saved keyvu n. jpeg. The is perfect for concerned citizens
  • The disguise – the keyvu looks identical to thousands of typical car remotes used for unlocking you car. Key fobs are so common in fact, that no one will ever give it a second thought, let alone a first thought
  • Pinhole camera – the keyvu has one of the micro-cameras built-in, providing stunning 480p (720×480) full color video – 30 frames per second so you can catch all the action with amazing clarity. A wide angle lens provides excellent coverage and all video is recorded in. avi format
  • Still photography – make the most out of your memory card capacity and use the keyvu in still photography mode, producing sxga (1280×1024, 24 bit) full color pictures saved in. jpeg format


Product description

Looks can be deceiving” and “the hands are faster than the eye” are both sayings that can be applied to the video recording versatility of the keyvu. It looks like your everyday common key fob that disables your car’s alarm and unlocks the doors, but in the right hands (yours) it can take some of the surreptitious video in the world. Built with the word “covert” in mind, the keyvu takes incredible 480p video, amazingly crisp and clear sxga, 24bit color still photographs, all with detailed audio.


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