MTR Bluetooth FM Wireless Speaker MT 904BL (Navy Blue)


  • PORTABILITY: We all are fond of amazing music and to do so you need a device to keep that up to mark. With this MTR Bluetooth speaker you can listen to your all-time favourite hip-hop music and evergreen old Hindi songs anywhere with the portable feature and compact size
  • MUSIC FOR EVERYONE: Now don’t worry about those retro gem music and trendy sassy songs as you can listen to them on all India radio FM or connect your music device via USB and Bluetooth feature available in this speaker
  • ACCESS WITH EASE: This device is for everyone from children to grandparents as with the easy control buttons which are for volume and channel switching anyone can use the device easily. The front panel speaker will give amazing sound technology with the other controls like charging, TF, USB slots and a mic on the back. You can switch any time to your device music list with the AUX source
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The mini yet portable device has a rechargeable battery that will give you full music entertainment up to 5 hours in a single charge. So just plug in your favourite list and enjoy the music
  • MORE TO KNOW: MTR Bluetooth speaker has a built-in speaker that will give you a theatre impact sound quality and with the crystal-clear sound get ready to fill your days with positive vibes


MTR Bluetooth FM Wireless Speaker MT 904BL (Navy Blue)

Product Description

MTR Bluetooth FM Wireless Speaker MT 904BL (Navy Blue) Until a few years back, you would not have found a lot of variety in Bluetooth speakers – all were almost similar except some that were a little louder than the others were. However, Bluetooth speakers have now taken unusual shapes and sizes, which makes them a fun gadget for music on the go. If you are also fond of carrying music with you wherever you go, then you have arrived at the right place.

We, at MTR, bring to you a whole range of trendy Bluetooth speakers that will change the way you perceived the gadget. Apart from being music players, these Bluetooth speakers will help you attend a call when driving, increase the voice quality of conference calls, listen to FM music and above all, take your musical experience to the next level!


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 cm


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