Spy Camera 32GB Full HD Pen Camera Audio/Video Updated Model 2019 Everything is Updated and Best Performance Ever Special Service


  • Do not a pen without reading this first this is a true VGA 720x480p and 1280 x 1024 jpg resolution executive spy gadget. All spy pens are not the same. Main standard differences between them, especially for the polymer type of battery they use, that is very sensitive. This product differs in standard materials, that can make useless an item after a few days
  • NO LIGHTS DURING RECORDINGS THIS IS NOT USUAL, IT’S EXTREMELY RARE to find a non lighting item among camera pens. Take instant pictures and video rec with this recorder and the LED light will flash only to show you starting, pausing or ending mode. While recording videos is a stealth digital camcorder. An undetectable nanny investigator gear tool, for adults and kids. One of the most fun things to
  • SUPER THIN – LIGHTWEIGHT and DISCREET Save yourself from impractical big and heavy devices. What you want is a surveillance security FBI cam Not a device that can’t fit into your pocket. As they say it in Spain, you want Camera Espia. These small pinhole camera kits (pen or pencils)
  • BEST MATERIALS and THE LONGEST RECORDING PERIOD 80 inches The battery of these gadgets (polymer Li-ion) is very sensitive and there is a need to be made of standard materials. We should choose our partners with the best of them. This medium, in the online marketplace. Also, this small product, have the simplest how to use manual instructions that you have ever read


Product description

——————————————————————————.How to Use Full HD Pen Camera?—————————————————————————————————————————————————–

1 Place the Video Camera Pen where it will get a clear view and audio of what you want to record.
2 Press the RECORD ON/OFF BUTTON on the top of the pen for 5 seconds
3 The working Status LED will illuminate amber and after 5 seconds will blink blue to indicate recording has started.
4 While recording, you may want to save sections of video to the sd card memory.
5 Press the RECORD ON/OFF BUTTON to save. Please note that the length of file recorded will affect the time it takes to save. The working Status LED will revert to yellow when saving is complete. NOTE: The Video Spy Pen cannot record while saving a file.
6 You may then resume recording by pressing the RECORD ON/OFF BUTTON. The working Status LED will revert to blinking blue again to indicate it has begin to record again. Note: If you press the RECORD ON/OFF button for 5 seconds and the working Status LED light blinks 4 times and the unit shuts off, the memory is full.
7Please note that this pen don’t have internal memory. You have to insert an sd card yourself


Color : Black ( Brand New )
Video Display Resolution : (1280×960) Recording
Camera : 1 Mega Pixels High resolution digital
Type : Instant Audio/Video/Photo
Video Format: AVI 720(W) x 480(H) Pixels
Video Frames: 30 Frames Per Sec
Microphone: Built-in
Power Supply: USB
System Requirement: LINUX/WINDOWS XP/Win Vista/Windows7/Windows8/Windows10/Android
Battery charging time: 30-35 Mints
Backup: Upto 2-3 Hours Video Recordin


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