Wonderchef Classic String Vegetable Chopper & Whipper | Vegetable Cutter | Dip Whipper | Anti Slip | 3 Stainless Steel Blades, 300 watts




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Wonderchef String Plastic Chopper, White and Green

Wonderchef’s String Plastic Chopper is a great addition to your kitchen. Designed to increase efficiency in the kitchen, the unique tools and accessories from Wonderchef are made from good quality Stainless Steel, food-grade plastics. They combine fabulous designs with functionality to give you perfect service for years to come. Save time in food preparation with Wonderchef tools and accessories. Food prep made easy! W Wonderchef String Chopper with sharpest, wear-resistant triple blade.




Powerful Chopper

Add incredible chopping power to your kitchen with this amazing chopper which can be used to chop anything. Save a lot of time while chopping and speed up your cooking. The Japanese blade mechanism powerful and precise chopping of vegetables swiftly.

Sharp Blades

String chopper with sharpest, wear-resistant triple blade can be used to cut, slice, shred or chop a wide variety of vegetables and fruits for sabzi preparation, fruit salads, vegetable salads, desserts & more. Mincing boneless meat is also possible with this possible with this processor because of its sharp blades, using which you can prepare tasty dishes for your entire family. Three sharp blades are placed at different levels for perfect chopping.


This food processor chops everything from onions and garlic to fruits and vegetables in just a few seconds. Now chop boneless meat & vegetables, make salads and sauces. Crush ice and enjoy frozen drinks. Four setting in slicer-dicer disk for fine and thick juliennes as well as fine and thick slicing. Cooking made easy with this tool!




Ergonomic design

The chopper features an ergonomic design which helps in using the appliance with ease and total comfort. Three blades are placed perfectly for uniform chopping. It also has a lid which locks the bowl to provide hygienically cut vegetables and fruits. The cut vegetables and fruits. The retraction pulley mechanism is built with sturdy thick wire providing an error-free longer usage.

Different Chopping Sizes

You can now control the size of the ingredient that you are chopping with just a pull of the string. The intensity of the pulls that you perform will determine the size of your ingredient.

Anti-Slip Silicone Support in Base

The chopper has anti-slip silicon support at the base of the bowl so that it does not move around when placed anywhere. When placed on the top of the table, it will not budge even when you apply rigorous pulling motions.


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